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Veg Protein - SYN-TEC - Vanilla Chai

The perfect alternative to a dairy based protein
  • Veg Protein by SYNTEC


    Veg Protein is a fantastic alternative to dairy based whey protein products.

    Syn-Tec Veg Protein supplies Pea Protein Isolate which is a 100% natural protein source naturally high in amino acids, is lactose free and has no ingredients that contain gluten. Pea protein has been shown to be a highly absorbable protein with 90-97% of the protein being digestible. One of the major advantages of Pea Protein over Whey Protein is that it is an alkaline protein. This helps to support overall general health and wellbeing by helping to decrease acidity in the body.

    Syn-Tec Veg Protein is vegetarian and vegan friendly, is cholesterol and fat free, and is naturally flavoured and sweetened. The natural sweetener in Syn-Tec Veg Protein is Thaumatin, it is 100% natural and contains no sugar.

    Thaumatin is a mixture of proteins isolated from the Katemfe fruit.

    Adding a quality protein source like Syn-Tec Veg Protein your diet is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.


    500g - 20 serves