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TSD's Weight Loss Stack

This is TSD's Number One Selling Stack!! Instore and Online!!
T432 Plus ATP Science   +$0.00
  • Why should you use these two products to maximise your weight loss? 

    Put simply... because they actually work!!! 

    Our number one selling protein in store and online is SYN-TEC's Six Pack Protein! 

    Syn-Tec’s “Six Pack Protein Formula incorporating Hydroxy-Plex-6” is a food type dietary supplement especially formulated to aid competitive body builders, body shapers and other sports persons (both male and female) in achieving their nutritional and performance goals where direct application and adherence to specific dietary weight management protocols are required to support muscle nutrition through precise nutritional channels in conjunction with a physical training program. 

    We love not only this product but the amazing flavours it  comes in! Jamaican Choc, Vanilla & now Strawberry!

    This protein is not just for people who want to lose weight tho, it can be used by people who want to stay lean while continuing to add more lean muscle mass to their figure, Which means that if your partner is trying to lose weight and the other partner is trying to gain muscle... you can both use this product and save money! 

    The other product in this stack needs no introduction either ...... ATP T432 Plus!

    T432 Plus helps to maximise natural thyroid hormone production and lose fat FAST!

    These products go hand in hand as they work on an intracellular level and also a hormonal level... in normal terms, the T432 takes the hand breaks off your body so it can burn fat more efficiently while the protein helps to speed up the procress!