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TSD Amino Whey

100% New Zealand's Highest Quality Cold Micro Filtered Whey Protein

TSD Amino Whey

TSD Amino Whey 1Kg Chocolate

TSD Amino Whey

TSD Amino Whey 1Kg Vanilla

TSD Amino Whey

TSD Amino Whey 3Kg Chocolate

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TSD Amino Whey

TSD Amino Whey 3Kg Vanilla

Regular Price: $169.95

Special Price $139.95

  • TSD Amino Whey is processed using an Ultra Cold Micro Filtration process which insures a formula with the highest Glycomacropeptides (GMP’s) - these are biologically active proteins which have a positive effect on the digestive system, antiviral activity, improved calcium absorption and enhanced immune function. Due to this filtration it provides higher Immunoglobiums - antibodies for immune boosting, Lactoferrin - has anti-viral and anti-microbial properties and immune enhancing effects + Alpha Lactalbumin - containing large amounts of amino acids. 

    What is Micro and Ultra filtration?  

    Micro and ultra filtration are very similar. The main difference between them is the average pore size of the filtration membranes. Microfiltration membranes are about one micrometer, which is very small. However, ultra filtration membrane is about 4 times smaller than microfiltration at about 250 nanometres or (0.25 micrometer). Ultra Filtration is superior providing a finer and smoother mixing powder as has been witnessed by many New Zealand manufactured proteins. 

     In this process the whey protein is flowed over the membranes (cross flowed is a term often used) and is forced through the membranes where natural ceramic filters are used to separate the whey protein from the raw protein solution. Undesirable components such as fat and lactose are filtered out. The particles are separated based on their molecular size and shape. This results in a micro or ultra filtrated Whey. No heat or electricity is used so no harm is done to the protein on a sub molecular level.  

    The key advantages to this processing method include:  

    1) Minimal denaturing of protein  

    2) Preserved protein fractions  

    3) Better amino acid profile  

    4) Contains more calcium and less sodium  

    5) Does not damage the many immune boosting components such as alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and Glycomacropeptides.  

    6) Has the highest level of un-denatured protein available.  


    So in a nut shell, it is TSD's opinion that Micro Filtered and or Ultra filtered whey protein isolate made in New Zealand is the best quality as it is a whole un-denatured protein source. The way nature intended it to be. That's why we import it from New Zealand and not buy locally here in Australia.



    *High Protein, Minimal Carbohydrates, Lowest Fat & Lowest Sugar

    *Now 5.6 grams of BCAAs per serving serve

    *Now 4.2 grams of L-Glutamine per serving

    *Highest quality New Zealand Ultra Cold Micro-Filtered Protein

    TSD Amino Whey is a fantastic tasting shake that provides serious sports people with a premium quality whey protein supplement to help support recovery and muscle nutrition when combined with a physical training or exercise programme. Glyco-Whey is very low in fat and carbohydrates, contains no added sugars and mixes easily in a shaker.  


    Ideal for Athletics, Swimming, Running, Cycling, Body Building. Use straight after training and physical exercise.

    TypicalPer 32g ServePer Serve in 200mlPer 100g
    Compositionin waterlow fat milk
    Energy (KJ)5518061723
    Total BCAA5,600mg5,600mg17,500mg
    Total L-Glutamine4,200mg4,200mg13,125mg

    Essential Amino Acids Per Serve 32g 
    Leucine2624mg (BCAA)
    Isoleucine1560mg (BCAA)
    Valine1426mg (BCAA)
    NON-Essential Amino Acids
    Aspartic Acid2578mg
    Glutamic Acid / Glutamine4193mg
    Glycine - Free Form473mg