Have you tried our TSD Amino whey?

Come in-store and grab yourself a sample today during our staffed hours. Amino Whey is a fast acting protein which can be used anytime of the day to increase protein intake and to be consumed post workout. Amino Whey is very lean with 28.4g of protein from every 35g serve,  only 144 calories every shake, 3.1g carbohydrates, 1.8g of fats. Amino whey has the broad spectrum allocation of amino acids naturally occurring in whey formulas as well as an extra dose of free form L-glutamine, Taurine, and B vitamins which enhance a positive Nitrogen balance in the blood stream.

TSD has had Amino Whey produced by the finest whey protein from New Zealand which gives it the most amazing taste. TSD Amino whey is 100% manufactured in New Zealand using quality Fontera Whey protein isolate and Whey protein concentrate.
 Fontera is renowned as the world’s leading manufacturer of dairy products, which is why TSD has used these quality ingredients in our TSD Amino whey formula. Fontera’s whey protein is a first grade nutrient rich supplement which is hard to come by in other protein supplements, as they will cut cost by using second or third grade quality proteins. You can simply see,  taste, and ultimately feel the difference between these whey proteins and can be simply classified by the texture of the protein; second and third grade quality proteins tend to clump up, even whilst been shaken in a shaker cup for 30 seconds, and also have high sodium levels, whereas a premium grade quality protein will break down very easy in a shaker with no clumps in just 10 seconds or less, and is very low in sodium levels.
Amino whey is manufactured using ultra and micro cold pressed ultra-filtration system which is why the quality of the protein is very rich in nutrients. TSD Amino whey is 0.4% denatured protein which makes in very high in Glycomacropeptides which is one of the smallest peptide’s known to nature, which creates a very high absorption rate of Alpha lactalbumin which contains a large amount of quality essential amino acids, and Immunoglobulins which contain antibodies to boost the immune system and Lactoferrin that has anti-viral and immune enhancing effects.