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Replace - Horleys

Replace Hydration now brings an even better formulation to the market, with a lower osmolarity (faster fluid transfer), higher sodium concentration (better retention and absorption) and balanced acid level (more tooth friendly).
Replace - Horleys

Replace - Raspberry 580g

Replace - Horleys

Replace - Orange Mango 1.6Kg

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Replace - Horleys

Replace - Orange Mango 580g

Replace - Horleys

Replace - Lemon Lime 1.6Kg

  • Replace - Horley's



    A better and more advanced way to hydrate! 


    Horley's has long recognised the vital need for rehydration during exercise. In fact, their formula was around long before commonplace sports drinks could be found in every store! Today's Replace is the result of many years of sports nutrition research, combining the best aspects of a quality sports drink and leaving out all the junk found in those 'other' drinks! 

    Dehydration Prevention – Dehydration isn't fun. It can also be very dangerous, causing heart arrhythmias and other emergency medical situations. Replace allows you to replenish the fluids and compounds lost through sweating during an intense workout or event. Better still, it allows you to replace them in a delicious and refreshing way! 

    Isotonic (320mOsm/L) – This unique aspect of Replace allows for faster absorption and a steadier fluid balance than other, more concentrated sports drinks. 

    Electrolytes – These vital compounds are lost in sweat. A severe electrolyte imbalance can require a trip to the hospital – keeping them balanced is vital! The electrolytes in Replace also assist in absorption. 

    Carb Profile – Replace is 7.5% carbs – this precise balance assists in gastric emptying and leads to superior hydration compared to plain water. 

    Sodium Content – There is more sodium in Replace than in many other drinks. Sodium not only makes Replace more palatable, but it aids in fluid retention and encourages us to drink more to stay hydrated. 

    Not-Too-Sweet Flavour – Some sports drinks are loaded with sugar and sweeteners, making them almost too sweet to drink. Replace's flavours are delicious without being too sweet, ensuring that you actually want to drink them!


    Directios for use: 

    Consume during high-intensity training or long endurance cardiovascular exercises. Consume before or after training. Take one serve per hour of training.