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Protobolan - Syn-Tec


Advanced Tribulus Matrix... 200:1 extract supplies a huge 90% steroidal saponins of which contain a massive 40% Protodioscin.

  • Protobolan - Advanced Tribulus Matrix


    Protobolan is formulated with a potent blend of herbal extracts that synergistically enhance the nutritional properties of Tribulus Terrestris. Presented in a capsule for a no fuss; convenient way of supporting your nutritional requirements.  
    TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS (200:1 Extract)  
    Protobolan features the most potent Tribulus Terrestris extract available on the market, this 200:1 extract supplies a huge 90% steroidal saponins of which contain a massive 40% Protodioscin, which is the major active nutritional component in Tribulus.  
    Reported to be "the secret weapon" employed by Bulgarian strength athletes, tribulus terrestris is reported to increase muscle growth, improve libido and lift male performance in the bedroom. Many different cultures have used it for a number of conditions. The Greeks, for example, used tribulus terrestris as a mood-enhancer. The people of Bulgaria used tribulus terrestris as a way to enhance sex and as a treatment for infertility. In the 1970's eastern European athletes used it in place of certain anabolic drugs to gain strength and size. Tribulus terrestris may be effective for anyone seeking gains in muscle size, strength and power athletes involved in strength and power-based sports, bodybuilders and regular gym users may notice gains in both muscular size & performance when combined with anaerobic training and a suitable diet. Men wanting to lift performance in the bedroom and enhance libido may also benefit from supplementation with tribulus.  
    In a daily serving of Protobolan supplies a very impressive 160 grams (160,000mg) Equivalent to the Dry Herb Tribulus Terrestris.  
    People around the world have turned to Tribulus to promote overall health, encourage muscle development and support healthy libido function.  
    CISSUS QUADRANGULARIS (20:1 Extract) URTICA DIOICA (5:1 Extract)  
    Cissus quadrangularis is a traditional medicine which usages are mostly catered around treating bones (increasing bone mass or accelerating fracture healing rates) which gives it the traditional name of the 'Bone Setter'; some other traditional usages are in regards to its supposed antiulcer properties, antihemhorroid properties, and pain relieving properties. 
    It is most frequently used by athletes, and the anecdotes of cissus seem to precede much of the science on the topic. It appears to be a very effective pain killer showing promise in athletes who experienced joint pain due to exercise (by reducing overall joint symptoms by about a third). It seems promising as an alternative for joint pain in athletes since most Joint Health supplements do not have evidence in athletes (rather, most research is in osteoarthritis persons).

    Ingredients Per 4 caps:  

    Tribulus Terrestris Extract 800mg (200:1)
    Equivalent Dry Herb160,000mg
    Min 90% saponins
    Standardized Protodioscin 40%320mg
    Cissus Quadrangularis Extract 400mg (20:1)
    Equivalent Dry Herb8,000mg
    Urtica Dioica Extract 400mg (5:1)
    Equivalent Dry Herb2,000mg