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Pro-Petite Remix SYN-TEC

The perfect protein supplement for shaping women's bodies.
Pro petite

Pro-Petite SYN-TEC - Chocolate 600g (30 serves)

Pro petite

Pro-Petite SYN-TEC - Vanilla 600g (30 serves)

Pro petite

Pro-Petite SYN-TEC - Chocolate 1.5Kg (75 serves)

Pro petite

Pro-Petite SYN-TEC - Vanilla 1.5Kg (75 serves)

  • Low fat - Low Carb - Low sugar 

    A high protein proffesional formula 

    Pro-Petite Remix is a formulated nutritional protein shake utilising a premium quality high protein/low carb/low sugar formula designed especially for women to assit their protein needs an dsupport nutritional and performance goals in their chosen sport. 

    Pro Petite is a revolutionary new protein supplement designed for sports women to aid them in achieving their nutritional and performance goals. Pro Petite uses the latest protein technology and is ideal for everyday use. Pro Petite features a rare sustained protein release effect, backed-up by a complete spectrum of amino acids , Vitamin B complex, MCT and Bromelain… perfect for supporting muscle nutrition.  

    Pro Petite utilises Syn-Tec's Synergistic Protein Matrix Blend for a superior protein source, which comprises of whey protein concentrate (WPC) and calcium caseinate which provides many benefits. WPC is a fast absorbing protein whereas caseinate is more slowly absorbed, when combined a timed release of protein is achieved, meaning a constant supply of amino acids is supporting your muscle nutritional needs. Pro Petite is presented in a convenient package with a suggested serving size of 20gms appropriate for women. Ideal for Body Building and Body Shaping competitors or women partaking in a weight management programme where extra protein is needed. 


    TSD's Recommendations:

    This is the perfect shake for any woman!

    Take 1 and 1/2 scoops and mix it with 200-300ml's of  water or low fat milk. Drink directly after training or use it as a meal replacement for your breakfast

    OR... we love mixing it in with our oats for a protein boost in the morning

    TypicalPer 20g ServePer Serve in 150mlPer 100g
    Compositionin waterno fat milk
    Energy (KJ)3305851646
    Vitamin B10.7mg0.7mg3.7mg
    Vitamin B21.2mg1.2mg6.0mg
    Vitamin B36.5mg6.5mg33.0mg
    Vitamin B51.2mg1.2mg6.0mg
    Vitamin B61.0mg1.0mg5.0mg
    Vitamin C26mg26mg133mg