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Possessed - Cytoforce

Psychotic No crash Pre-Workout
Possessed - Cytoforce

Possessed - Cola Razz Explosion

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Possessed - Cytoforce

Possessed - Fresh Cut Watermelon

Possessed - Cytoforce

Possessed - Pineapple Splash

Possessed - Cytoforce

Possessed - Pine Lime Fusion

  • Possessed Pre Workout 

    Possessed - is an explosive blend of premium high stim, extreme strength and muscle building nutrients all designed to enhance peak performance making it the ultimate in pre workout supplementation. 

    High Stim Vasodialator 

    POSSESSED is manufactured by CytoForce Nutrition under licence in New Zealand under the NZ Supplemented Food Standards which allows for a formulation of sports supplement ingredients that are much higher in individual serving sizes compared to the Formulated Supplementary Sports Food Standard regulated in Australia. POSSESSED is formulated using proven ingredients that aid in creating huge vascular muscle pumps and cell volumization along with strength and power. By increasing these active ingredients over what many other pre-workouts use, a super charged pre-workout has been created.

    Active ingredients per serve include:

    Beta Alanine 3330mg

    Creatine       1670mg

    AAKG             1670mg

    Taurine           1170mg

    L Tyrosine       330mg

    Caffeine             275mg

    Citrus Aurantium 10% 83.3mg

    Synerphrine Content    8.3mg

    With zero sugar and all the B Vitamins in a single RDI serve along with Vitamin C, Possessed has stamped its mark as a "Healthy" Pre-Workout formula that won't give you the "Come Down" feeling after training.


    Directions for use:  Mix one scoop in 300ml water and consume 15-20 minutes before training