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Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glycomacropeptide Rich Cold Filtered Instanised NZ Whey Protein Complex

Highest Quality Undenatured Whey Protein

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 700g - Chocolate 22 Serves

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 700g - Vanilla 22 Serves

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 1.5kg - Chocolate 47 Serves

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 1.5kg - Vanilla 47 Serves

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 3Kg - Chocolate 93 Serves

Glyco-Whey GMP - SYN-TEC

Glyco Whey GMP - 3Kg Vanilla 93 Serves

    Glycomacropeptide Rich Cold Filtered Instantised Protein Complex
    Glyco-Whey GMP uses the highest quality cold filtered New Zealand made instantised whey protein concentrate which has further been boosted with Bromelain to improve protein absorption and digestion. This is ideal for extreme athletes and sports people who demand a fast release protein supplement after training and workouts. 

    Glyco-Whey GMP use’s Syn-Tec’s revolutionary Glycomacropeptides protein matrix which has evolved from the popular original Glyco-Whey formula that serious athletes have used with confidence and success for many years. Glycomacropeptides (GMP’s) are the smallest peptide fraction known to nature and as a result have an incredibly high absorption rate. Glyco-Whey GMP is manufactured using a cold process ultra filtration system, in fact it contains less than 0.4% denatured protein, by far one of the lowest levels you’ll find anywhere in the world.

     Because the powder is undenatured it has high concentrations of GMP’s, many growth fractions and contains a full spectrum of quality amino acids ideal for promoting a positive nitrogen balance which underpins maximum muscle growth. The key advantages to using only Cold Filtered Whey include: 

    1. Minimal denaturing of protein 

    2. Preserved protein fractions 

    3. Better amino acid profile 

    4. Contains more calcium and less sodium 

    5. Does not damage the many immune boosting components such as alpha lactalbumin, immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin and Glycomacropeptides. 

    6. Has the highest level of undenatured protein available

    TypicalPer 32g ServePer Serve in 200mlPer 100g
    Compositionin waterlow fat milk
    Energy (KJ)5518061723
    Total BCAA5,600mg5,600mg17,500mg
    Total L-Glutamine4,200mg4,200mg13,125mg