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Extreme Carbs - International Protein 1.8Kg

To maximize your recovery, EXTREME CARBS provides rapid, moderate and slowly absorbed carbohydrates and a powerful insulin potentiator to help promote glycogen synthesis and maximize insulin sensitivity.

    Extreme Carbs combines rapid, mid-level and slow-release carbs for sustainability and an insulin potentiator for optimised insulin sensitivity and glycogen synthesis. The ultimate in rapid recovery! 

    Benefits of Extreme Carbs

    Recovery – Extreme Carbs has been formulated specifically for recovery. Triple-threat carbs – released quickly, at mid-level and slowly – ensure that spikes are avoided and muscles are nourished and replenished after each strenuous workout.

    PromilinTM – A revolutionary new compound, PromilinTM speeds the delivery of carbs to skeletal muscle. Within skeletal muscle, carbs can be used for beneficial results – energy, recovery and the development of new muscle – rather than stored as fat. PromilinTM is natural and derived from Fenugreek seeds. 

    Energy – Extreme Carbs is the ultimate in high-quality carbs, giving you a sustained release for maximum recovery without damaging blood sugar spikes. 

    Endurance – Endurance athletes have long appreciated the benefits of carb-loading before a race or other big event. Extreme Carbs allows the endurance athlete to carb-load in a healthy way. Drink a serving at bedtime the night before your event and feel the difference in your performance! 

    Gaining Potential – As a gainer, Extreme Carbs is ideal for athletes seeking big gains with minimal fat storage. Combining Extreme Carbs with an appropriate workout schedule will help ensure that you lay down lean, hard muscle – not unwanted fat.