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Compressor - SYN-TEC

Amino Acid, MSM Muscle & Joint Recovery Formula

Compressor - SYN-TEC

Compressor - Lemon 400g

Compressor - SYN-TEC

Compressor - Raspberry 400g


    Syn-Tec’s Compressor is a food type dietary supplement manufactured in New Zealand and is specially formulated with a synergistic array of ingredients which support muscle and joint recovery for use after extreme training.  Syn-Tec’s Compressor is specifically designed  to aid competitive body builders, fighters and athletes from all sporting codes in achieving extreme nutritional and performance goals. 

    Syn-Tec’s Compressor has been designed to support muscle and joint building blocks via nutritional channels by “compressing” a potent array of muscle building Amino Acids, such as BCAA’s, Glutamine, Taurine as well as Methylsulphonylmethane MSM to further support joint and cartilage recovery into one “super charged sports specific recovery formula” that has a real point of difference over others in its class... one that supplies the building blocks for both muscles as well as joints and ligaments. These building blocks are further supported with Bioperine and B Vitamins to increase the overall bioavailability and absorption when its needed most... at the end of extreme physical training when the recovery process begins.  

    Syn-Tec’s Compressor is sugar free with the flavouring being formulated using a concentrated nature identical flavouring system which delivers a refreshing Raspberry or lemon flavoured drink when mixed in water. Each serve delivers a huge 13g of pure amino acids and MSM all Compressed into one super charged recovery formula.  Instead of extending the time it takes to achieve results due to poor nutritional timing protocols, “compress” the time it takes to achieve your desired results and feel the difference a scientific approach to nutrition can have.
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    Syn-Tec’s Compressor can be stacked with Creatine, AAKG and optional Beta Alanine for an even more muscle pumping effect. 

    400g Pot
    Active Ingredients Per 13.6g Serve
    Protein – *As Amino Acids 11.6g
    Carbohydrates – Total .02g
    Active IngredientsPer 13.6g ServePer 100g
    Protein *As Amino Acids11.6g85.3g
    Carbohydrates - Total0.02g1.8g
    L-Leucine (BCAA)3,500mg*25,870mg*
    L-Isoleucine (BCAA)1,850mg*13,600mg*
    L-Valine (BCAA)1,850mg*13,600mg*
    MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)1,000mg7,400mg
    Vitamin B11.1mg8.1mg
    Vitamin B21.7mg12.5mg
    Vitamin B310.0mg73.5mg
    Vitamin B55mg36.7mg
    Vitamin B61.6mg11.7mg