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Brutal Energy - International Protein

High Stim Pre-Workout with L Dopa Release Complex

Brutal Energy - International Protein

Brutal Energy 250g Strawberry Kiwi - International Protein

Brutal Energy - International Protein

Brutal Energy 250g Honeydew Melon - International Protein

Brutal Energy - International Protein

Brutal Energy 250g Passionfruit - International Protein

  • Brutal Energy High-Stim pre-workout is formulated with ingredients that provide mental and physical energy . The Energy & Focus complex ingredients boost mental alertness and elevate mood to make pushing through a mentally tough session easy. Supporting this with Strength & Performance ingredients like creatine, beta alanine and betaine means you don’t beat your body up into a state of over-training and allows progressive results from the hard work put in during the training session. B vitamins and BCAA’s support metabolic energy producing functions in the body and provide the energy substrate for working muscles.


    CAFFEINE from natural green coffee extract, – reduces the perception of effort so your workout feels easier.
    TeaCrine® – similar to caffeine but is slower to build a tolerance.  Improves mental and physical energy while reducing the perception of fatigue.  Acts to improve mood and motivation and provides some pain reduction during exercise. Delivers energy, mental clarity and improved motivation and mood, without increasing heart rate or blood pressure.  Delivers energy and focus without the crash, jitters or habituation associated with caffeine.
    TeaCrine® and caffeine are perfect compliments.  Caffeine alone = 2 hours. Caffeine + TeaCrine = 4-6 hours.  Together with caffeine, TeaCrine extends the feeling of energy.  It provides a ‘cleaner’ energy without the crash or jitters, and improves focus and concentration for real results.
    TeaCrine® is not habit forming nor does the body get used to it.  The strength of the effect remains the same, even after 60 days of use.
    N-acetyl-l-carnitine – Stimulates the mind and increases neural communication, providing better cognitive processes.  Also associated with cell growth and recovery and muscle building.
    L-dopa from Mucana Pruriens – promotes feeling good, enhances mood and improves motivation.  Also associated with increased HGH levels and has antioxidant properties.


    Beta Alanaine – improves the body’s ability to resist physical fatigue.  Delays fatigue and improves muscular strength and power through stabilising muscle pH.  Improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance.
    Betaine – aids endurance, boosts muscle mass and strength and may also improve body composition by lowering bodyfat.  Also plays a role in relieving aches and pains which also helps improve ongoing physical performance.
    Arginine  – increase Nitric Oxide levels to improve blood flow to working muscles.
    Krealkalyn – all the benefits of Krealkalyn – improve strength & muscular endurance through metabolic pH buffering. 
    B VITAMINS – folic acid, biotin, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 – support the action of betaine as well as play a critical role in energy production including the metabolism of carbs, support the health of nerves and blood cells for optimal workout performance.
    BCAA’s – 2:1:1 – branched chain amino acids are used by muscles for energy during workouts – help support action of key ingredients by providing an energy substrate so as not to utilise the body’s own muscle.   Essentially providing ‘muscle food’ for the workout.  


    Servings per Pack: 20

    Serving Size:  12g


    Per 40g Serve

    % Daily intake*(per serving)

    Per 100g


    87 kJ

    21 Cal


    722 kJ

    173 Cal


    5.6 g


    46.8 g

    Fat, Total-  Saturated

    0.0 g



    0.1 g

    0.1 g


    - Total

    - Sugars


    1.3 g

    0.2 g



    11.1 g

    1.7 g


    1.8 mg


    15 mg





    Green Coffee Extract (Caffeine)

    175 mg


    1458 mg

    TeaCrine® (Theacrine)

    200 mg


    1667 mg


    100 mg


    833 mg

    Mucana Pruriens Extract (L-Dopa)

    150 mg


    1250 mg


    400 mg


    3333 mg





    Beta Alanine

    1500 mg


    12500 mg


    1500 mg


    12500 mg


    1100 mg


    9167 mg

    Kre-Alkalyn® (Creatine Monohydrate)

    1000 mg


    8333 mg

    Thiamine (B1)

    0.5 mg


    3.8 mg

    Pyridoxine (B2)

    0.7 mg


    5.9 mg

    Niacin (B3)

    4.12 mg


    34.8 mg


    80 ug


    667 ug

    Pyridoxine (B6)

    0.8 ug


    6.9 ug

    Cyanocobalamin (B12)

    0.8 ug


    6.7 ug


    4 ug


    33.3 ug

    Branched Chain Amino Acids

    - L-Leucine

    - L-Isoleucine

    - L-Valine



    490 mg

    350 mg

    350 mg






    4083 mg

    2917 mg

    2917 mg