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About Us

TSD Nutriceuticals Pty Ltd commonly known as The Supplement Den "TSD" has a long history of servicing athletes from many different sporting codes. Established over 15 years ago, it is one of Australia's pioneering specialty sports supplement retailers and prides itself in the knowledge that is has helped thousands of athletes reach their sporting and nutritional goals at all levels from professional athletes to the weekend warrior level.

TSD has a dedicated and well-educated customer service team who can advise on your specialty sports supplement requirements. TSD management is also very particular in what types of sports formulas are supported and sold in store. There are so many different types of formulas and brands available with many not really meeting the performance expectations required by professional athletes... So at TSD you will only find the tried and tested formulas that professional athletes can use with assurance and reliability. In Fact all of the TSD Home Brand range is manufactured in New Zealand to exacting high manufacturing standards as required by New Zealand law. No expense is spared in the pursuit of quality assurance.

At TSD we pride ourselves on our friendly service and encourage all local customers to visit our store in person and experience what "true old fashioned customer service is all about". Our new improved website "which you are viewing now" is designed to provide an easy access streamlined purchasing experience for customers who know what supplements they are looking for. Please remember that Australian regulations make it hard for us to explain the benefits of many sports formulas in detail via our website, so feel free to contact our friendly staff by telephone and we will pleased to assist you further.