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Victory Labs - Doom Preworkout

Hard hitting intensity with no crash 

Victory Labs - Doom Preworkout

Doom - Raspberry Spider 60 scoops

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Victory Labs - Doom Preworkout

Doom - Pineapple 60 scoops

Victory Labs - Doom Preworkout

Doom - Kiwi Mango 60 Serves

Victory Labs - Doom Preworkout

Doom - Apple Pie 60 Serves

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  • Victory Labs DOOM is a powerful multi-release energy blend with maximum bio-availability, designed to provide increased rapid fire focus, prolonged muscle pumps and intense long lasting energy. Utilising key nutrient partitioning ingredients to maximise the uptake of vital ingredients, Victory Labs DOOM will get you out of the slump and ready to fire at will immediately after you consume it. Intense Energy Engorging Pumps Rapid Focus For hard hitting intensity with no crash, Doom is the pre-workout for you. 


    Creatine Monohydrate

    Creatine monohydrate is undeniably the most tried, tested and proven performance-enhancing product on the market. Oral consumption of creatine has been shown to increase intramuscular creatine phosphate levels, resulting in improved energy regeneration, increased power and increased strength. 

    Beta Alanine

    Recognised as the synergistic sister product of Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine supplementation helps improve intramuscular Carnosine levels. Following 12 days of consistent supplementation, Beta-Alanine benefits the user by increasing the efficiency of lactic acid removal, directly improving endurance capacity during high-intensity exercise. 


    Within the body, Agmatine is naturally derived from Arginine with benefits such as reduced pain, improved cognitive function and has also been linked to increasing the time enhanced blood flow lasts for. 


    Caffeine is a simultaneous adrenergic stimulant while also being an adenosine re-uptake antagonist. By stimulating the Central Nervous System, Caffeine consumption causes a release of adrenaline, which enhances energy production, while also preventing the uptake of adenosine and mitigating its sedative effects. 


    AMPiberry is trademarked ingredient taken from the Juniperus Communis plant species and shows tremendous promise in enhancing a smooth energy release when used alongside caffeine. 


    Like Caffeine, Teacrine works by naturally stimulating the release of catecholamines for energy production but excitingly shows promise in not becoming desensitised with consistent use. This means you will get the same energy hit you get the first time, every time thereafter. 

    Hordenine HCL

    Traditionally found in extracts like bitter orange, Hordenine HCL is a concentrated version that exhibits stimulatory benefits but is also a great addition to a stimulant based product as it works as a neurotransmitter re-uptake inhibitor, essentially increasing the length of stimulant effect and minimising the crash. 


    Oxygold is a unique soil based micro-organism designed to enhance the uptake and utilisation of other nutrients when taken alongside each other. Oxygold has also been shown to offer additional electrolyte benefits in hydration as well. 

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