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Optimal Recovery stack


Price as configured: $104.90

If your looking for a quick fix for your training recovery, this stack will help sort you and your DOM's out!
TSD Glutamine - 500g   +$0.00
Cap-Zea - ATP   +$0.00
  • This stack has been tried and proven and given the thumbs up from our staff! 

    This is basically the exact same stack that our staff members utilise when they are sore and in pain from a hard day of training! 

    So if you want quick recovery and want to minimise the amount of time you are sore for then this stack is what you are looking for 

    We have put together 

    1 x Xtend 30 serves ( The best tasting Branch chains on the market ) 

    1 x Glutamine 500g ( NZ brand Glutamine, for the best quality) 

    1 x Cap-Zea ( Because if you haven't tried this, your going to want, its muscle healing in a stick)

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