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Horleys Huge

HUGE will help you accelerate your growth phase, stimulating the key signals for mass accretion that can only be activated with sufficient intake of the right nutrients.
Horleys Huge

Horleys Huge 4.54Kg - Vanilla Thickshake

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Horleys Huge

Horleys Huge 4.54Kg - Devils Chocolate

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  • Horleys HUGE!

    Finding it hard to put on weight?

    Well look no further than Horleys Huge, this product is specifically designed for hard gainers.

    Expertly blended protein and carbs for the ultimate in lean muscle and performance. 

    Benefits of Huge 

    • Extreme Nutrition – Each one-scoop serving of Huge contains 26 grams high-quality protein and a whopping 81.5 grams of healthy carbs – serious nutrition for serious athletes! 
    • Three-Step Building – Huge has been conveniently designed for use in a 3-step process with Horley's Awesome Mass and Crossfire. Use Huge to increase your size, Awesome Mass to consolidate and augment your gains, and Crossfire when you're ready to advance to a full-spectrum, whole-body product. 
    • Expertly Developed – Huge contains a specialised blend of proteins, carbs and nutrients which trigger the body to create bulk. 
    • Beat the Bloat – Huge contains low osmolarity dextrin polymers. These compounds aid in comfortable digestion, which is often a challenge when ingesting large amounts of proteins and carbs. 

    HUGE will rapidly increase your daily calorie intake of your diet, and force your body into mass gaining mode.

    Add HUGE to your regular nutrition plan and use only with an intensive weight-training programme.

    Horleys HUGE should be consumed immediately after workout (post-workout) but can be taken up to three times per day (Breakfast, Post workout, Bedtime). The formulation also contains all your vitamins and minerals for full nutritional support.

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