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Horleys Havoc - Fusion Berry

Horleys Amplifying Pre Workout
  • Havoc by Horleys 

    Pre-workout formula
    • Amplify power
    • Generate bigger pumps
    • Sharpen mental focus
    • 33 servings per tub

    HAVOC can help you take your workout to its fullest potential.  A superior blend of four genuine, muscle pump enhancing nitric oxide stimulants stacked with creatine for power, beta alanine to push the fatigue envelope and spiked with rhodiola, caffeine and tyrosine to sharpen your focus.  Full ingredient disclosure so you know how much you're getting.

    HAVOC gone hard?  No need to worry, read our More Info section below.

    HAVOC is contained in a sealed foil bag inside each tub because the powder is sensitive to moisture migration.  Even though we use an anti-caking agent, the high GPLC content means the product is prone to clumping.  You may find when you get your tub home that it seems solid (in one lump in the foil bag): this is perfectly normal.  The powder is only superficially hard and definitely not old, stale or a dud bag. 

    Get your HAVOC powder to a free-flow state ready for scooping by manipulating it with your hands while it's still inside the bag - a couple of sharp thumps on a sturdy counter top are a good place to start.  We recommended you keep the powder in the bag (and store the bag inside the tub) to make it easier to handle whilst you're using it, as it will continue to clump together naturally.   The efficacy of the product is not compromised by this phenomenon.  Don't get the scoop wet and put it back in the tub!


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