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Amino XL - Horleys

Anti-catabolic amino matrix designed to support muscle repair and growth.
Amino XL - Horleys

Amino XL - Lemon Soda 33 serves

Amino XL - Horleys

Amino XL - Raspberry Punch 33 serves

Amino XL - Horleys

Amino XL - Summer Grape 33 serves


    Support muscle growth and repair with a unique anti-catabolic amino matrix! 


    Immunity Support – Glutamine supports immunity and quick recovery. Glutamine is often depleted during strenuous physical exertion – like a tough workout! Athletes need their bodies to be in great shape at all times, so filling that gap with a quality glutamine-containing supplement is vital. 

    Quick Recovery – Each serving of Amino XL is designed to speed recovery to your spent muscles, preventing damage and getting you ready for your next session! 

    Lean Muscle Gains – Free form branch chains, pure essential aminos and glutamine work synergistically with your body to encourage the production of lean, hard muscle. 

    Intra-Workout Formula – Enjoy a delicious and refreshing serving of Amino XL in the middle of a workout – preferably during the first 20 minutes. To ensure proper blending, shake vigorously in 200ml of cold water or your favorite hydration drink. Let your shake 'rest' for one minute, shake again to ensure complete blending, and enjoy! 

    Encourage Anabolic States – Amino XL has been designed to encourage muscle-healthy anabolic states and discourage catabolic states. In the catabolic state, your muscles are at risk. You've worked hard for those muscles – choose an intra-workout drink that keeps them safe!
    When and how should you take Amino XL: 
    Consumer during your training session by taking one serve and mixing with 1L of water. You can also consume this product around your training session or on your days off for extra recovery


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