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Amino Recovery - International Protein

Amino Peptide Recovery Accelerator
Amino Recovery - International Protein

Amino Recovery - Lemonade 30 serves

Amino Recovery - International Protein

Amino Recovery - Watermelon 30 serves



    International Protein Amino Recovery is for anyone looking to reduce muscle soreness, increase recovery time, increase protein synthesis and build muscle.

    Amino recovery uses the highest quality Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) to be taken Pre workout, Intra workout, or Post workout. Amino recovery uses a patented formula; PeptoPro is a pre-digested, with over 60% di and tri peptides for instant delivery to the muscle under heavy training conditions.

    Amino Recovery uses a wide range Essential Amino Acids and Non-essential amino acids, to make sure your body is getting all the micro-nutrients it needs whilst under stress from training.


    Best time to consume is: Before/During/After training sessions and on days off when you are really sore!

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